Lengthy lawsuits and drawn out appeals are fraught with stress, emotional turmoil and financial strain. For attorneys and plaintiffs alike there are bills to pay, a business to run, a mortgage to cover, and families to support. We understand the pressure and the dilemma.

  • Appeal funding provides immediate cash before the appeal is decided.
  • If the case is eventually lost you owe nothing.
  • You pay with funds collected from the defendant
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Turn Your Money Judgment on Appeal Into Immediate Cash

"Appeal Funding Promotes a Vigorous Defense of your Judgment and a Fair Settlement"

Appeal Funding was created by an experienced trial lawyer to help attorneys and plaintiffs eliminate the financial pressure to accept an unfair offer, to make decisions without being pressured by money matters and to defend the judgment solely on the merits of the case.

Our appeal finance program is an immediate answer to the financial stress that often face deserving attorneys and plaintiffs with a money judgment on appeal. With no risk. And no interference.

Non-Recourse Appeal Funding
WE ASSUME THE RISK by Purchasing – Not loaning

  • Does NOT influence, advise or otherwise get involved with the actual case
  • Does NOT require a payback, if a case is ultimately lost
  • Payback with funds collected from defendant
  • Does NOT charge interest or require payments, personal guarantees nor mortgage liens

Appeal Financing Helps Balance the Scales of Justice

As the costs and delays of civil litigation increase, the ideal of equal justice is unfulfilled. All too often...the party with the greater financial resources...prevails by exhausting the resources for the weaker opponent...Persons [with] limited means settle...and relinquish claims simply because they cannot afford to litigate."Justice Powell as quoted in Joseph R. Biden Jr., Equal, Accessible, Affordable Justice Under Law

IMMEDIATE CASH before the Appellate decision

  • Eliminates financial strain and pressure on you, your firm and the plaintiff
  • Use the funds as you wish
  • Supports a vigorous defense of your judgment on appeal and a fair settlement
  • Does NOT impact your credit (business or personal)
Michael did a great job for our CAALA members and their clients. Appeal Funding is a great service. It's a winner for everyone.
Amanda Gazlay, CAALA Executive Director (1998-2005)
Appeal Funding Partners' service and responsiveness set the standard for the industry in my book. Their professionalism and ability to close the deal were much appreciated.
J. B. Harris, Attorney
(Appeal Funding Partners)...were extremely professional, timely and responsive... fair and trustworthy...We recommend them without reservation
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area

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"Immediate cash relief from Appeal Funding Partners, LLC goes a long way toward easing financial pressure, providing peace of mind, and helping propel you toward a favorable outcome of the often long and costly appeal process. Our civil justice system works best when financial pressures are removed from the litigation process, allowing lawsuits and appeals to be decided solely on their merits." – Michael Blum, Attorney/CEO, Appeal Funding Partners, LLC